who needs WIAW, when you have WIATW

Okay I’m just bitter, I secretly try my hardest to participate in What I ate Wednesday but with a busy morning/afternoon full of class, interval training, and of course a run.. it’s a little challenging to present my meal prepped meals for the whole day. So instead a quick recap or calibration of WIATW (WHAT I ATE THIS WEEK)

I usually upload such sweet meals considering my huge cravings for sweets that never seems satisfied but to my surprise here’s a meal more savory. Ginger seasoned scallops with a tahini dijon dipping sauce, sautéed brussel sprouts, and a small sweet potato with sun butter. Okay so there was a little sweetness to this meal, but come on .. cut me a break!

Coconut crusted chicken with an avocado mango dipping sauce, side of baby broccoli, and of course some roasted acorn squash because I have to get my daily squash in there. Fall/winter squash > summer squash so I may just have to store some for April-August.. kidding that not only is impossible but kind of gross. To be honest though, I’m not crazy for the acorn squash taste. Maybe I’m just not seasoning it right? Any suggestions? 

This is every reason why I love Quest Bars, you look at this picture and think… 500 calorie dessert? I THINK NOT. Baked banana with a melted chocolate brownie quest bar and a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter. Post workout of course because I definitely earned this treat.

It was a Greek kinda night. Inspired by my heritage of course;) Build your own pita! Ezekiel pita, onion lemon chicken, beets, artichoke hearts, falafel, tatziki sauce, and avocado, Yia-Yia would be proud (that’s grandma in Greek!)

One of my favorite squash bowls, that’s Carnival.. it’s flavor is almost as good as kabocha. Cinnamon chicken, topped with sweetened ricotta, sautéed brussel sprouts, and a homemade cranberry agave sauce!

Just a beautiful power bowl of oats for a prework out breakfast before a long hump day!

A post workout refuel! Small sweet potato, goat cheese, honey almond butter, banana, figs, and yes YOLKPORN for protein!

I know I don’t post much detail when it’s a WIATW but feel free to post questions for specific recipes:) 


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November 15th at 8:57 PM
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