What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday + Words of Wisdom + Lent

I’m not sure why but lately I’ve been really into words of wisdom. Quotes have always been something I loved (especially to pin on pinterest) but lately I’ve been sorting through them looking for inspirational ones. In no way shape or form have I lost motivation but I think it’s in hopes to "set off the lightbulb" for someone else. I don’t know what began everybody else’s journey to a healthier lifestyle, but I know it does’t happen just because. There’s always a reason for the change- whether it be a health scare or personal issue- something makes us want better. So what more appropriate day to inspire and begin a change than on Lent? 

For those of you who participate in Lent, it’s a perfect opportunity to give up old habits and make changes for a healthier you. The best thing about Lent is that you only have to give up one thing, so it’s a realistic start to making healthier choices. When we take such a drastic approach to a new healthy lifestyle, it quickly fails because “we’ve bit off more than we can chew” (A bit contradicting of a phrase in this situation since we’re looking to be healthier- but it does it’s job at describing the situation). 

You’re driven to stick to it because it’s a sacrifice for a religious figure, and who knows in the end when you are successful as surviving Lent without your sacrifice, I’m sure you’ll be confident enough to begin making other changes. 


So what am I living without for 40 days? I had a difficult time this year deciding what to give up. but recently I’ve been noticing how curse words have become a normal word in my vocabulary. Not only is it un-lady like but unnecessary and can be hurtful. So cursing and swearing was on the top of my list. Than, thanks to this lovely lady I decided why give something up, when I can give something back? Similar to her goals for the next 40 days, I plan on looking for volunteer opportunities around my town and lending a hand, as well as making an effort around my own home!

So with that said, what’s everyone planning on giving up or in some cases adding in?

Besides the start to Lent, it’s also the most dreaded weekday- Wednesday. The good ole hump day. & for me that it is! Early start and late finish, one day closer to the weekend! Positive thoughts! “Just keep swimming” always comes in to mind on Wednesdays because that’s how I find myself getting through the long day with a little laugh! Like every other day I rise early and begin with a nice stack of cavecakes:)

What’s my favorite part of cooking healthy? 

Getting to lick the spoon clean! Even my paleo pancake batter is spoon-worthy!

Wednesday’s are always very hectic for me so I tend to forget to snap pictures of meals through out the day. I use Wednesday as my day to recap or fill people in instead. So here’s What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday:

When Wednesday’s are using long, tiring, and stressful- to my surprise today was everything but that. In fact, it was actually a really good day! 

I’m officially going for my personal training certification which I will be registering for by the end of tonight!

The chem exam I was panicking about, went surprisingly well.

I had a substitute in math- she was completely clueless and despite the class being a waste it was rather entertaining.

I made it home in time to get to mass & receive ashes..

For a typical crummy hump day, this has been my best day this week. Maybe wednesdays aren’t so bad after all? 


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